Personalised toning mask



  1. Customize your colour tone.
  2. Deep moisturize your hair.

This toning mask is personalised to you!

Do you want to maintain your current colour?
Do you want to neutralize unwanted tones?
Thinking about a pastel or even something more prominent? Go for it! Have fun!

Pink ? Peach ? Ashy ? Creamy blonde ? Cool brunette ? etc. – Choice is yours!

Keep in mind that this is not to cover greys or permanently change your hair colour. It is a temporary toning mask which will last you 2-10 washes depending on your hair porosity.


How To Apply?

Shampoo your hair before applying mask. Apply to towel dried hair for 3 minutes, or up to 20 minutes for more intensity.

Purchase one of these masks and we will be in contact with you to personalise your tone!

In stock (can be backordered)